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OneAccord Health, under the leadership of a diverse and accomplished team, exemplifies excellence in healthcare management and advanced care planning. This summary highlights the career trajectories and achievements of key staff members, each contributing unique expertise to the organization's mission.

President, MBAJames Farnum

As President, James Farnum is the strategic leader of OneAccord Health. He brings a wealth of experience in finance, business development, account management, sales, marketing, and training. His academic foundation includes a B.B.A. in Accounting and Computers from Pace University and an M.B.A. in Marketing Management from St. John's University, New York City. His role involves steering the company towards growth and ensuring the alignment of business strategies with organizational goals.

Vice President Clinical Programs, PHD, APRN, FNP-BC, ACHPN Dr. Lolita Melhado

Dr. Lolita Melhado, as Vice President of Clinical Programs, plays a pivotal role in developing clinical programs for advance care planning. She possesses extensive expertise in acute and community-based palliative care, including program and curriculum design, education, and training. Dr. Melhado holds a Masters in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University and a PhD in Nursing Research from the University of Central Florida. Her dual board certifications in Family Nurse Practice and Advanced Hospice and Palliative Nursing underscore her clinical acumen.

Chief Medical Officer, MDDr. Laura Farnum

Dr. Laura Farnum, the Chief Medical Officer, oversees clinical operations with a focus on high-quality service delivery through evidence-based practices. Her background in health care management, internal medicine, and geriatric clinical practice, along with her expertise in developing clinical standard protocols, positions her as a key player in operational excellence. She completed her undergraduate studies in Biology at Cornell University and earned her medical degree from Temple University Medical School. Her residency in internal medicine was completed at the Washington Hospital Center, and she is board certified in both internal medicine and geriatrics.

Vice President of Sales, BS James Brooks

James Brooks, with over three decades of experience in sales, leads as the Director of Sales. His career highlights include building and leading successful sales teams, coaching and development, and the successful launch of a major product at Roche Laboratories. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Florida State University and has completed several Executive Education Programs at prestigious institutions including Dartmouth, NYU, Rice University, and Northwestern.

Health Economics Director, PHDDr. Michael Greene

Dr. Michael Greene, the Health Economics Director, is a distinguished professor with deep expertise in labor economics, economic ethics, and health economics. His academic journey includes two doctorates, one in Economics from the University of New Hampshire and another in Religious Ethics from Southern Methodist University. His role involves integrating economic principles and ethics into healthcare decision-making processes.

Human Resources DirectorBertha Farnum

Executive AdministrationVicki Williams

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