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Dedicated to educating and empowering healthcare conversations, ensuring patients' values and preferences are at the forefront of care planning.

Personalized Healthcare SolutionsOur Solutions

OneAccord Health specializes in enhancing the healthcare experience by offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of both healthcare professionals and individuals. Our expertise in Advance Care Planning and Palliative Care education, training and patient engagement strategies encompasses three key areas:


We provide an end-to-end solution for advance care planning and palliative care strategies for Assisted Living Facilities, Long term Care Facilities, Medical Provider Practices, and at risk providers to ensure operational efficiency, maximize revenue, and patient satisfaction.

Continuing Education:

Our CEUs offer a variety of courses designed to keep healthcare professionals abreast of the current evidence based practices in advance care planning and palliative care. These educational programs are not only instrumental in fulfilling professional development requirements but also crucial in enhancing the quality of care provided to patients. Our courses are self-paced, online, or live webinars.

My Personal Wishes

We facilitate conversations to ensure your values, goals, and preferences are integrated in the care planning process. Our experts use a digital platform that documents, stores, shares, and retrieves your care plan when it matters most.

Our Consultation Services is a Comprehensive Pathway to Informed Healthcare DecisionsOur Approach

Our four-pronged strategy is the cornerstone of the One Accord Health Approach, ensuring comprehensive patient care and informed decision-making:

Assessment of Disease Understanding: We start with a detailed assessment of a patient’s understanding of their disease, laying the groundwork for effective communication.

Education on Diagnosis and Disease Progression: We believe in empowering patients with thorough knowledge about their diagnosis, disease progression, and treatment options, making them active partners in their healthcare.

Decision Making and Goal Planning: Aligning care plans with patient preferences and goals is key. We focus on joint decision-making and goal setting to tailor care to each patient’s values and objectives.

Communication and Coordination with Stakeholders: Our approach culminates in cohesive communication and coordination with all healthcare stakeholders, patients, and their families ensuring a holistic and  unified approach to care. Our digital solution ensures accurate, efficient, and timely communication when it matters most.


Secure Your Future Now: Plan Ahead for Peace of MindPlan Ahead

We believe that conversations with healthcare professionals when started early patients receive the care they want, have fewer unnecessary medical interventions, and report better quality of life. Planning head can help avoid unnecessary suffering and relieve caregivers of decision making burdens during moments of crisis.

Access to
Advanced Care Plans

High-quality Advance Care Planning (ACP). ACP is a cornerstone of respectful and honored healthcare journeys. However, achieving this standard is challenging due to the scarcity of two crucial elements: time and the right skill set. At OneAccord Health, We tackle these challenges head on ensuring every healthcare provider has the necessary skills to develop exceptional ACP.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

This step involves a comprehensive session with a healthcare professional to understand ACP’s significance, focusing on the individual’s specific health condition and personal beliefs.

Step 2

In-depth Assessment

Detailed evaluation of the individual’s health status, personal values, beliefs, and goals. This assessment forms the foundation for all subsequent ACP decisions.

Step 3

Educational Phase

A thorough explanation of potential medical scenarios and options is provided. This phase ensures that the individual fully understands possible health states and the implications of various medical decisions.

Step 4

Deliberation and Decision-Making

Engaging in deep, reflective conversations to help the individual articulate their healthcare preferences and make informed choices about future medical care.

Step 5

Documentation Process

The individual’s healthcare preferences and directives are formally recorded in legal documents such as living wills, healthcare proxies, or advance directives. The digital advance care plan allows the individual to edit, share, store, and access the living will, healthcare surrogate, and personal wishes any time and when it matters most.

Step 6

Regular Review and Update

ACP is a dynamic process, necessitating regular reviews and updates as the individual’s health status and personal circumstances change.

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CEUs for Healthcare Professionals

Continuing Education

Looking for Continuing Education credits that are both engaging and pertinent to your practice? Explore our range of courses focused on Advance Care Planning, a vital process of understanding what’s significant to your patients and integrating it into care plans. This ensures that patients’ values, wishes, and preferences are honored when it matters most.

About the Author

Lolita Melhado, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, ACHPN

Dr. Lolita Melhado is an esteemed nursing professional, educator, palliative care researcher, and author with a PhD in nursing research and an MSN in primary health care. As Vice President of Clinical Programs at One Accord Health, Dr. Melhado has contributed significantly to the field of palliative care through various clinical and academic roles, publications, and conference presentations.
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Course Offerings

Empathy: When Words Matter (1.0 CE Hour)

Overview of empathy communication skills for healthcare professionals.

Listening: When Words are Not Enough (1.0 CE Hour)

Foundation course in key communication skills for meaningful patient interactions.

Care Planning for the Cognitively Impaired Patient (1.0 CE Hour)

For healthcare professionals focusing on care planning for the cognitively impaired.

Advance Care Planning: A Basic Course for Advanced Practice Providers (3.0 CE Hours)

Designed for advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and physicians to enhance knowledge in advance care planning.

Primary Palliative Care Basic Competencies for Healthcare Professionals (3.0 CE Hours)

For advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and other professionals in primary care, focusing on Palliative Care basics.

Primary Palliative Care for Oncology Nurses (1.0 CE Hour)

Oncology nurses may be reluctant to engage in or lead the palliative care conversation. This may stem from a lack of clarity regarding inter professional roles and which aspects of palliative care are within the nursing domain. Learn to engage.

Spiritual Dimension and Decision Making In ACP in African Americans (1.0 CE Hour)

Advance care planning conversations do not prepare healthcare professionals to navigate the intricate dimensions of decision-making with a diverse population. This course provides a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of decision-making.

The Registered Nurse’s Role in Valued-Based ACP (3.0 CE Hours)

The target audience for this education program is nurses who want to enhance their knowledge of advance care planning.

Skills for Early Goals of Care Bundle (4 Course Bundle 6.0 CE Hours)

A great value for healthcare professionals and benefit to helping patients receive care that is consistent with their preferences.
“Really enjoyed this. Great information.” “This is a very informative CE program that I would recommend to colleagues.”
CEU Student
“I have been a nurse for 31 years. You start to forget things that were effective before, and you aren’t doing now. Thanks so much.”
CEU Student
“Excellent and very helpful! A necessary lecture for nurses.”
CEU Student
“Overall, the course was easy to follow, straight-forward and provided a lot of pertinent information.”
CEU Student
"Good reinforcement of skills known, but get lost in busy days.”
CEU Student
“I don’t always know what to say. This course helps me to pick and choose a better way of saying some things.”
CEU Student

Our Facilitated Process provides Empathetic Communication and Patient Centered DialogueMy Personal Wishes

In the realm of healthcare, the quality of communication is as crucial as the care itself. We are dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and connection.
Understanding Individuals’ Goals and Values

We respect each individual’s unique aspirations and beliefs forming the cornerstone of personalized care

Early Conversations for Individual Empowerment

By doing so, individuals are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in their care decisions, fostering a sense of empowerment.

Informed Discussions for Advance Care Planning

This involves making crucial decisions well in advance, ensuring that patient preferences are respected and adhered to.

A virtual or in home facilitated advance care planning session.

A Virtual Facilitated Advance Care Planning (ACP) session, is a patient-centered, structured and interactive online encounter designed to guide individuals through the process of creating or updating their advance care plans. This session typically involves the following components:

1. Introduction: The facilitator, an experienced healthcare professional trained in ACP, begins by introducing themselves and explaining the purpose and importance of advance care planning. They ensure that the participant is comfortable and understands the confidentiality of the discussion.

2. Education and Discussion: The facilitator provides a brief educational overview of what advance care planning entails, including the significance of living wills, healthcare proxies, and power of attorney. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their healthcare preferences, values, and goals, especially in the context of serious illness or incapacitation.

3. Exploration of Values and Preferences: The facilitator guides the participant in exploring and articulating their personal values and healthcare preferences. This involves discussing various medical scenarios and how the participant would prefer to be treated in each situation.

4. Document and Review: The facilitator reviews essential ACP documents, such as living wills or healthcare proxy forms, explaining each section and offering assistance in how to complete them accurately and in alignment with the participant’s wishes.

5. Summary and Next Steps: The session concludes with the facilitator summarizing the key points discussed, answering any remaining questions, and outlining the next steps. This may include instructions on how to finalize and legally validate the ACP documents, and guidance on sharing these plans with family members and healthcare providers.

Throughout the session, the facilitator maintains a respectful, empathetic, and non-judgmental approach, ensuring that the individual feels heard and supported in making these significant decisions. The virtual format allows for convenience and privacy, enabling participants to engage in this important planning from the comfort of their own homes.


Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind with OneAccord HealthStart Your Journey Now

The future is uncertain, but your healthcare decisions don't have to be. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your ACP and palliative care processes, or develop skills for delivering value-based advance care plans, or as an individual you can plan your facilitated session and take control of your healthcare journey with OneAccord Health.
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